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Mr. Blake

My dog is 13 years old and recently went blind, he’s been kind of depressed and lost a lot of his energy. Then we heard about the benefits of eating raw and thought it might be good for him. BEST Decision we ever made, at 13 and blind he seems to have his puppy energy back and is always extremely happy!!!! He loves the Woof and little chicken hearts. Thank You 


Little Frodo 

Just a note to say I started your raw diet about 3 weeks ago. My pups love it and it seemed overnight their stools improved. I am trying to spread the word, as it is truly an amazing product.

Thanks again for all your info and your product.



I have a dog that has had serious health problems the last month. We tried every food that we could think to see if he could keep it down, then we came upon Meat and Bones. The vet and I were ecstatic that he could keep it down. It has been about 4 days of constant eating with no problems.