What is it? Its a biweekly meal box designed to by certified dietitian's  to fill all the needs of a large sized dog for 2 weeks. Boxes include all freeze dried raw dog food sourced from family farms in Connecticut. We pride ourselves on being as natural and raw as possible.  



Woof 6lbs (Equivlent to 24lbs of reconsituted raw food)

Salmon Disc's 4oz (Equivlent to 1lb reconstituted)

Crushed Green Tripe 8oz

Chicken Hearts 4oz

6 Bully sticks 

**** No Refridgeration Required ****


Designed by a dietitian to fill all of a Large dog's needs for 1 month

Directions for woof: 1oz + 3oz of water reconstitues to .25lb's of food

Directions for Beef Tripe: Use as a meal topper to add diversity to pets diet or as a treat they'll beg you for 

Directions for Chicken Hearts: A little treat to let 'em know they've been a good boy 

"The Beast" Box